Past Life Regression

You may have had the feeling that you have been here before. You may have had a vague sense there is something more or that you have lived another life. I can guide you to identify past lives that may involve you, family members and/or friends that may be interfering in some fashion with your current life. I can help you to discover those lives, understand them and clear the interfering pieces. I can assist you to take the lessons from these lives and apply them in this current one. Together we may be able to understand why you are here once again perhaps learning similar lessons.

A typical session will last approximately two hours. You will be guided to an altered state using guided imagery. Previous experience with meditation or hypnosis assists with the ease of being able to move into an altered state but is not a requirement for having a past life regression. The session will include reviewing the life with your council of elders. This allows you to clear relationships and issues related to the life that are interfering with and challenging your life today.