Interlife Spiritual Journey

The focus of the Interlife Spiritual Journey is to directly access information about yourself as a soul. In doing so you are able to have a better appreciation of who you truly are, your soul path and the purpose of your life today. The Interlife Spiritual Journey is based on the work of Michael Newton, Ph.D.*

This session is designed to assist you with your spiritual awakening. By using a method of hypnosis, guided imagery, you are brought into an altered state where your conscious mind and ego filters are greatly decreased. In this altered state you are guided to a personal sacred space--a space that is completely protected, totally safe and filled with wisdom and is yours and yours alone. With your permission we invite your spiritual guide/s to join you in this space. If you haven’t been conscious of your guides then it’s a re-meeting and remembering and if you are acquainted with them its greeting them once again.

Because your spiritual guides have been with you for all or many of your lives, they are intimately familiar with you and your soul. They know the issues you have mastered and those that are being presented in this life today. They know exactly what will serve you best in this very moment to assist you with moving forward on your path. They may give specific ideas or direction and you may feel their nudging. But know that they never judge you no matter what your struggles have been and only hold unconditional love for you. They only desire the very best for you so you can continue to move forward on your spiritual path.

Your guides may take you to a specific place in the physical or non-physical world, lead you to specific past life, direct you to fears and blocks that are getting in the way of your growth and/or share specific information with you that is relevant to your life today.

This session is truly a journey because neither you or I will probably know what direction your guides will choose. You have given your guides the permission and wherever they take you will be extremely relevant to your spiritual growth today. One of the goals of the session is to have you gain enough familiarity with your guides that you are able to reconnect with them when you are on your own.

The initial session will last two hours. For many clients this session alone will be sufficient. For others you may need a second session to access all the healing and information your guides may have intended for you. We will have that clarity by the end of the first session. Because this session can be so profound there is potential for great understanding and transformation.

*Newton, Michael:
Journey of Souls, Destiny of Souls, Memories of
the Afterlife: Life Between Lives Stories of Personal Transformation