Psychospiritual Therapy

Psychospiritual therapy is a therapeutic approach that includes your emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual aspects. This approach is excellent at moving to core issues that drive a variety of symptoms. As these core issues are addressed, symptoms such as anxiety, depression, obsessive thoughts, compulsive behaviors or irrational fears begin to decrease. As these issues are integrated, these symptoms fully ameliorate and no longer interfere with your daily life.

The therapy begins by using your definition of spirit, of all that is, of a power larger then yourself. We then develop this connection within the therapy both to assist in removing the difficulties and to provide support for the ongoing therapy. You will most likely find it easier to move past your conscious filters if we use an altered state to access this connection. Guided imagery is used to create this altered state and make the connection. This spiritual connection is then integrated throughout the therapy. By learning to keep this connection more conscious, you can access it on a daily basis. It allows you to feel more supported throughout the therapy and in your daily life. It empowers you and increases your confidence in yourself and the changes that your are making.

Many clients have a history of childhood trauma whether it be emotional, physical and/or sexual abuse. Our goal is to find and heal those child aspects. These child aspects are usually frozen in time holding the memory and the pain of the trauma of that age. Our goal is to recover these child parts and heal their pain and wounds. Your spiritual connection provides the support and healing. As these child parts heal, the long standing patterns of disruptive feelings, thoughts and beliefs can be released because the issues driving them are no longer present.

Psychospiritual therapy becomes a modality that encompasses all the parts of you. As a comprehensive therapy it is better equipped to handle core issues, beliefs and distortions that drive a multitude of symptoms. As these core issues are addressed and removed, the symptoms clear and alleviate. Throughout this process you become empowered and have a much better conscious connection with spirit or the all that is. The very quality of your life can be shifted becoming more meaningful, joyful and fulfilling.