I am a psychotherapist in private practice whose sole focus is assisting folks to move forward on their spiritual path. I offer Interlife Spiritual Journey sessions and Past Life Regressions. My own involvement with spirit began 40 years ago when my car rolled seven times down a mountainside. Comforted and protected by my grandmother I walked away with minimal injuries. This was a pivotal life event and propelled me to explore the non-physical world. I then began reading any book I could find referencing the afterlife and the spiritual world. I landed on the Seth books by Jane Roberts and found them to be excellent resources. I would eventually meet my spirit guides and have ongoing guidance from them. Their guidance leads to this current website and the services I offer.
I provide sessions which will assist you with your ongoing spiritual awakening. They provide a structure to guide you moving forward on your spiritual path and to discover more of your purpose in this life. Though the overall structure remains the same, each session unfolds uniquely for each individual. We live at a time on the planet when knowing more of who we are and our soul path becomes quite important and useful to us. This understanding then facilitates the transformation of ourselves and the planet itself. I thank you in advance for taking the time to check out my website and read the details of what I offer.